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residential exterior pest control services

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With an average temperature over the summer of 80 degrees, the Mt. Pleasant people are not the only ones enjoying the great weather and the family barbecue. Many of the 654 bugs of Michigan call Mt. Pleasant home. Some are a mere nuisance, and others can cause catastrophic health issues. Whichever they may be, professional pest control is required to keep these pests under control.

We exclusively service Isabella County where we provide strong protection against a broad range of insects found locally, including boxelder bugs, bed bugs, carpenter ants, hornets, spiders, cockroaches and more.

A beautiful bug-free house in Mount Pleasant.

Insect invasions can cause damage to your property, and sometimes your sanity. Regardless of your pest issue, we can help. Warrior Pest Solutions is locally-owned and operated and the ones to call to make sure that you can have peace of mind.

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Home Loan Inspections 

Get a visual examination and inspection of the physical structure and systems of your home. We can do a pest inspection for wood-destroying pests and get you all the required documentation you need.

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To charge fair, competitive prices that allow us to be profitable and to be honest in every transaction that we make.

"I have been in this business for over 16 years, and I have performed almost every pest control aspect. I've studied and worked hard to be the best that I can be. But more importantly, I am just like you. I have a family and a home, and I will treat you like I would want someone to treat my family and me. Trust is something you can't have too much of."

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We are members of the Entomological Society of America, the National Pest Management Association and the Michigan Pest Management Association. Also, we are Better Business Bureau A+ rated company.